What To Expect

If you or your child is physically handicapped and needs special assistance please mention this on booking your appointment as special arrangements will be made for you. Baby changing facilities are available. First consultations involve a evaluation of referring material ( letters, hospital summaries, preliminary results & X-rays,where appropriate) full history, assessment of growth and physical examination.

First consultations can take up to half an hour, in addition you may require x-rays, allergy tests, asthma nurse consultation and pulmonary function tests on the day, which can make it a long morning. If you have other young children, they may get tired, hungry or irritable and thus distract you from the important part of the consultation at the end. Where possible, make arrangements for them to be looked after by a relative or family friend, either at home or bring them with you.

Generally follow-up consultations tend to be much shorter and are scheduled every 15 minutes.They do not usually require these additional investigations, if so, you will be informed in advance.

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